Trusted Voice®

So many Voices on television, billboards, the internet . . .


"Don’t Settle for Less”

“We’re the Best Injury Attorneys”

“We’re the Toughest”

“We’re the Most Experienced”

“Text [a phone number]”

. . . each trying to persuade you to hire the injury attorney(s) behind the ad.

Which Voice Should I Listen to?

Mr. Viencek has answered that question for countless individuals. He has developed a reputation as a Trusted Voice® – one who helps his clients sort through all the advertising hype and obtain top representation they can trust. He does this by working with other top attorneys (and professionals) on his cases. Mr. Viencek is very selective when it comes to who he works with. He doesn’t choose to work with an attorney just because some referral service, publication, web site, etc. says that the attorney is top-notch. In fact, he disagrees with many of their assessments. The attorneys on the team he puts together must measure up to his standards and meet the following requirements. They must:

  • Have excellent reputations among those on the inside of the bar
  • Have at least 20 years’ experience (most have much more)
  • Represent exclusively Plaintiffs (with few exceptions)
  • Have successful track records of obtaining large settlements and verdicts
  • Have experience and success in handling the particular type of case at hand
  • Be responsive to Mr. Viencek and his clients (nothing is worse than working with an attorney you can’t reach)

Based upon the above criteria, Mr. Viencek then assembles a team to represent clients on a case by case basis.

  • Example: One team may be best suited to handle a negligent security case, whereas another team would be better suited to handle a car crash case.
  • Example: Other factors may dictate the team Mr. Viencek assembles. For instance, on medical malpractice cases involving mistakes made during labor and delivery of newborn infants, Mr. Viencek has worked with a medical malpractice attorney who was a doctor – an obstetrician gynecologist (OB/GYN) – for over twenty-five years. These cases are very difficult and complex; having an attorney who was also an OB/GYN on the team who understands the medical intricacies of delivering babies is invaluable. Labor & delivery cases are also very expensive. Mr. Viencek and his trial team may need to spend $100,000 or more to get the case to trial or a settlement. Working with a team of attorneys and other professionals on each case insures that Mr. Viencek has the monetary resources to finance any case no matter how big.
  • Example: Intangibles may also dictate who Mr. Viencek picks to be on the team to represent the client. For instance, a certain combination of attorneys and support staff may meet the particular needs of a client the best (e.g., may relate to the client best), or have unique experience or insight to bring to the case, or may have previously handled a very similar case, etc.

Put Mr. Viencek’s reputation as a Trusted Voice® to work for you.

The best evidence of the degree to which injured individuals trust, respect, and rely on Mr. Viencek, is their own words. His clients include a number of individuals who, unhappy with the injury representation they were receiving from another attorney, contacted Mr. Viencek seeking his advice and representation.

Call a Trusted Voice®, call Christian Attorney Mark Viencek. You’ll be glad you did.

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