What Mr. Viencek’s Clients Are Saying

  • “Mark Viencek has been my father's lawyer for many years, most recently representing him in a car accident case. My father's trust lies only with Mr. Viencek, a decision that I wholeheartedly support. Not only is Mr. Viencek a highly skilled lawyer, but his level of integrity is second to none. I have never met a lawyer as honest and trustworthy as he. Mr. Viencek's intellect, coupled with his dependability, dedication, and compassion, is the lawyer we want by our side. He has led us through very trying times with confidence, encouragement and faith. Without hesitation, I recommend Mr. Viencek.”

    DV – Car Accident Case
    Rochester, NY

  • “While working as a security guard at a convenience store, three men with guns entered the store. The store was very negligent when it came to security measures - I didn’t have a chance. I was shot in the face/head at close range leaving me with very serious and permanent injuries. No attorney wanted my case. However, Mark Viencek believed in me and the case and after 9 long, hard years of legal battles, Mr. Viencek helped me obtain a large jury verdict in my favor. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what I would have done.”

    BB – Negligent Security Case
    Rochester, NY

  • "My wife and I have known Mark Viencek for many years. We can wholeheartedly say that he is a "Trusted Voice" in this city and region. Whenever someone is looking for an attorney they are really subconsciously asking themselves three primary questions: "Can I trust you?", "Can you help me?" and "Do you care for me?" When the moment comes when you realize that you need legal representation, you desperately want someone with trustworthy character, dependable competency and genuine compassion. Mark embodied all three for our family. His Christian ethic compels him to go above and beyond for his clients. Also, Mark is not just a "nice guy" who is incredibly diligent to return your every communication. He delivers results. We not only won our case but he helped us save multiple thousands of dollars beyond any fees he charged. His professional service was worth every penny and then some! We hope to never need legal representation in the future, but should we ever come to that place again, we would not hesitate to call Mark Viencek."

    Joshua Finley – Lead Pastor at Elim Gospel Church
    Lima, NY

  • “As a Christian, it was important to me to find an attorney with integrity. I knew Mark was a man after God's heart, so the choice was easy. I also knew he would look at my case from a biblical view point and let me know whether it would be "right" in the eyes of God to pursue a claim. Mark Viencek is someone I trust whole heartedly, and I have referred several people to him. His experience, wisdom, and ethics have caused him to be very successful in business and in life. I was a Senior Claims Adjuster for 10+ years and am quite knowledgeable on liability claims … I can tell you first hand it's pertinent to have an attorney you can trust to help you with your insurance injury claims. I personally know of two similar slip and fall injury claims. One was settled at 10k without a lawyer, and the other was settled at 75k with Mark representing them … Mark is personable and truly cares about each individual he represents. Advice is free, I would encourage each and every one of you not to hesitate a minute. Make the call!”

    LK – Premises Liability Case
    Buffalo, NY

  • “I appreciate Mark so much for his dedication to his clients. I can't tell you how many times I've picked up the phone to ask his advice and he was always there to answer as best he could, and when he didn't have the answer, he took time to find someone who did. When I got into a car accident, he was the first phone call I made and he really put me at peace. He helped me through every complicated step. God bless you, Mark!”

    DD – Auto Accident Case
    Rochester, NY

  • “I would highly recommend Mark Viencek for an attorney. He is very competent, extremely hard working, meticulous, diligent and takes on your case with his whole heart. I do not know what I would have done without him He patiently walked with me through a very difficult situation. He was truly a God send and went way beyond the call of duty to help me. I am forever grateful for him and would turn to him for advice ‘on a dime’!! I feel very confident in Mark’s ability and he is a Trusted Voice.”

    MAF - Consumer Injury Case
    Lima, NY

  • “I met Mark Viencek at church over 30 years ago and we have been close friends ever since. Mark has tremendous integrity and is an excellent attorney. I’ll never forget when a business associate made false allegations against me and said he was going to sue me. Mark asked me a bunch of questions and closely analyzed my business records. He then wrote a very comprehensive and compelling letter to this individual’s attorney demonstrating that if anyone had grounds to sue someone it was me. After Mark sent that letter, I never heard from that individual or his attorney again. Mark has helped me with a number of other legal matters. He’s always there for me. He really is a Trusted Voice.”

    DS – Litigation Case
    Oswego, NY

  • “Mark Viencek has been our trusted attorney for the past 8 plus years. We have valued and definitely benefitted by his expertise in our legal matters. He is very knowledgeable, learned and well versed in his area of law. He is a man of great integrity, passionate about his work, he is fair, loyal, well balanced, committed to getting positive results for his clients. We have and would highly recommend Mark Viencek as a "Trusted Voice" for your legal needs.”

    BP & LP – Consumer Injury Case
    Henrietta, NY

  • "After injuring my ankle, and having a doctor mess it up further, I initially contacted a well-known law firm for help.  After more than a year, and barely any communication, I discovered that not only did the attorney not pursue a case of malpractice against the doctor, as he had agreed to, but he had also let the statute of limitations against the doctor expire!  That attorney didn’t know anything about my case, even though he had been given all of my information many months before … I was so discouraged to think that even though my ankle had literally been wrecked, nobody was willing to help me. 

    As I prayed for an answer to my dilemma, I heard a “Trusted Voice ®” commercial on the radio.  It was an ad for Mark Viencek, a Christian attorney.  I asked my wife to call him the next day.  When contacted, Mark asked her to send him any information we had gathered regarding my case.  That very same evening, Mark called us at home.  He told us that I definitely had a case.  It was obvious that he had read all of the information that my wife had sent him, as he was as familiar with all of the details of my case as we were!  What a relief to know that someone actually cared and had my best interest in mind.  He told us that he liked to help good people.  I found it comforting that he acknowledged that I was doing the right thing.  He was the answer to my prayers!  Within a day or so, we were in the office speaking with Mr. Viencek.  He had done more for my case within a couple of days than the well-known law firm had done in over a year!

    Mark Viencek was so easy to speak to, really listened, and was immediately responsive to our needs.  He kept in close contact with us, always keeping us informed on how the case was going.  Mark Viencek made himself available to us for any questions that we may have had, unlike the previous attorney who barely ever returned a call. 

    Mr. Viencek was extremely thorough in researching our case, learning everything possible about our specific situation and all of the medical details involved.  He ultimately secured a big settlement for me, providing the needed resources for my future medical care, as well as allowing me to provide for my family.

    We highly recommend Mark Viencek to anyone needing a great and honest attorney, and now consider him a true friend.  Our only regret is that we didn’t meet him sooner!"

    JI & MI
    Irondequoit, NY

  • “You are such a blessing in our lives. God placed you in the right spot at the right time …”

    Grandmother of Client
    Palmyra, NY

  • "Mark Viencek has Sterling integrity. I have known him for almost 20 years. He has represented me on several occasions and I was very satisfied with the results in each case. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

    Rev. Brent Culver
    Pastor, Life Church
    West Monroe, NY

  • “I wanted to take a moment to convey my appreciation for the dedicated, thorough & professional work accomplished by Mark Viencek in the recent past. When a family member was attacked by a neighborhood dog, Mark was able to settle any confusion, fear, doubt & guilt the terrible turn of events brought on. He assured us it was in our best interests, physically, socially & spiritually, to be compensated for our harm, loss, damage & suffering. He covered all issues involved & obtained wonderful results. It’s good to know that when awful things happen, help is on the way. And while we can’t change the past, we could get results to possibly change the future."

    LR - Dog Bite Case
    Rochester, NY

  • “I have known Mark for approximately 20 years both on a personal and professional basis. Mark’s competency is enhanced by his integrity and commitment to his family and to the Advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Mark has provided straightforward sound counsel not only to me in my professional endeavors but also to a number of clients and friends and I do not hesitate to refer others to Mark for counsel.”

    Buck Stephens
    Advancing the Kingdom Ministries
    Compass Financial Ministries
    Syracuse, NY

  • “I was severely injured in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. The damage was so extensive that the doctors had to fuse part of my spine together. Twenty-five years old, no health insurance, and unable to support myself, I knew I needed help. I called Mark Viencek because I wanted a personal injury attorney I could trust. Mr. Viencek put a team of people to work on my case and forced the insurance company to compensate me for my injuries. If you’ve been seriously injured, there’s no other personal injury lawyer I would call. Mr. Viencek is not only an outstanding lawyer, he’s someone that you can trust.”

    RB – Auto Injury Client
    Palmyra, NY

  • "We just wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for everything you did on [my son’s] behalf. We appreciate all the hard work you put forth. You give attorneys a 'good name.'"

    Mother of Minor – Eye Injury Case
    Rochester, NY

  • ““I would like to give a special thanks to Mark Viencek for his representation that was above and beyond what I expected to receive. Mr. Viencek is very professional, dependable, and always kept me informed during the process. His commitment demonstrates his professionalism and care for his clients. I am proud to have him as my lawyer! Mr. Viencek did everything he promised. He assured me when I was concerned, comforted me when I was troubled, and fought hard for me to the end. I highly recommend Mr. Viencek; he is a great asset to the legal profession...”

    Pastor Martha McNair
    Faith Temple of the Living God
    Rochester, NY

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