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Sunday, November 20, 2016

I Would Have Baked The Cake

Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa”, were fined $135,000 by the State of Oregon for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because of their Christian beliefs. They were subjected to a public smear campaign and received death threats. They paid the $135,000 and had to close the bakery. Christian bakers in other states took the same stance and suffered similar fates. I sincerely commend the Kleins and the other Christian bakers for standing up for what they believe at such great personal cost. However, I would have taken a different approach. I would have baked the cake.

I do not believe baking a cake is displeasing to the Lord even where it’s for a same-sex wedding reception. Here’s why. The act of baking a cake is not evil – it’s morally neutral – you are not in any way approving of or condoning same sex marriage by simply baking a cake. On the other hand, the minister or one officiating over the “wedding” is directly participating in, approving of, and condoning the “marriage” of the same-sex individuals and has thereby crossed over the line into immoral conduct contrary to God’s Word. For those who contend that the Bible does not prohibit same-sex marriage and condemn homosexuality, Romans chapter 1 alone puts an end to that discussion.  

If you believe same-sex marriage is contrary to God’s Word and simply sell a cake to be used at the reception, you have done no wrong. I would argue it’s even better that a Christian bakery provide the cake as opposed to any old bakery, because it can be used as a witnessing opportunity. You could provide your same-sex customers with a compelling book or a testimony by an individual who was set free from the bondage of homosexuality. I did that very thing for a homosexual client of mine. I heard an incredible testimony by Dennis Jernigan who was a practicing homosexual and was supernaturally set free from homosexuality and is married today and has nine children. I shared a video of this testimony with my client. When he was rushed to the hospital one day, I went to visit him. You see, I was able to develop a relationship with him and have an impact on his life. None of this would have happened, however, had I answered differently the following question he asked when we first met: “I see you’re a Christian; I’m gay; would you have a problem representing me”? “Of course not”, I replied, without hesitating and needing to think about it. Representing a homosexual in a debt related legal matter in no way sanctions (i.e., authorizes or approves of) the act of homosexuality – it’s morally neutral. Who better to represent this gay client than a Christian attorney such as myself who would, and did, share God’s love for him and what the Bible says about homosexuality. 

And who better, in my opinion, to provide a cake for a same sex wedding than a Christian who could share a testimony or make an impression that just might lead the same-sex “couple” to the Lord – if not right away, then perhaps down the road. Ironically, the Kleins ended up taking the very approach I’m suggesting. Two years after refusing to bake the cake and after the incredible ordeal and legal battles they had to endure as a result, they baked 10 cakes and sent them to 10 top gay organizations throughout the United States with a DVD and the following letter: "Hello, we are Aaron and Melissa Klein. We're the bakers who declined to create a cake for a same-sex wedding and were ordered to pay $135,000. We want you to know that our actions were not motivated by hatred, and we personally baked this cake as a small token of our love. Enclosed is an award-winning movie that further expresses our feelings. I would be honored if you would watch it (it's also freely available online at One viewer commented: 'I have to say, as a gay woman who watched Audacity, I agree that the topic was handled with love and compassion, which was refreshing to see ... the message was clear (even if it was one I disagreed with as an atheist).' On behalf of Christians, we want you to know that we do love you, and we are not your enemy (America is about freedom, and freedom for everyone).”

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